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Mini Calendar


This is an intermediate project and involves some cutting and rearranging of pieces, with some material left over. 

We used three different colors and three different textures to build our mini calendar. One piece of the 4square makes the top corner, You will need to cut 2 strips of the 16bit tiles to make the fifth week of the month. The parallel pieces will be cut and arranged however you like. We found success using a little bit of masking tape to help us arrange the pieces before we stuck the whole calendar to the wall. 

You can find fun pins in different places. We made our date pins with bingo pieces, thumbtacks, and a little hot glue. You can make our yellow and grey calendar or follow this recipe to make your own mini calendar with the pieces of your choice. 

(see cutting instructions at the end of the installation page)
*No returns on cut pieces

**Pins not included


What this bundle contains:
Citrine Yellow - 16bit
Cast Heathered Grey - 4square
Cast Heathered Grey - parallel
Armor Light Heathered Grey - parallel
Each Sola felt tile is 12”x12” and comes with smart peel-and-stick adhesive corners.