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PICK A COLOR and see what Sola Tile looks like in 6 different textures.

Sola felt tiles comes in 15 colors and 6 textures. Each square tile is 12” by 12” and only ⅝” thick (Our engineers say that it has Noise Reduction Coefficient of .35 which means it absorbs more sound than an inch of polyurethane foam). Each felted tile is made from 50% PET, and removes the equivalent of 4 water bottles from the waste stream. You can choose from one of our professionally designed layouts, start with a 1,2 or 3 color template, or customize a box however you want. You can even tailor your order one tile at a time. Standard shipping is free when your order total is more than $59.88

Sola Felt Adhesive Tabs

Sola felt tabs can be applied and removed from almost any smooth vertical surface without damaging paint. We've even given you a few extra so you can peel and stick with confidence.

*Not all walls are painted equally nor prepared properly. In our hundreds of applications, over dozens of walls, paint types and textures we have yet to see paint removed. In every box we have provided a handful of replacement tabs that you can try out if you have any concerns about your particular wall preparation.

Sola Felt Boxes

Sola felt boxes are made from recyclable corrugated cardboard and hold up to 6 tiles and come with installation instructions and a handful of extra adhesive tabs. We prefer to ship 6 tiles at a time, but can customize an order for however you want. Shipping is free when your order total is more than $59.88, and expedited shipping is available upond request. Professional layouts come in pre-configured boxes, or you can customize your order in a number of different ways.

Sola Felt Boxes

We originally developed Sola felt as a high-performance acoustic material (it absorbs more sound than an inch of polyurethane foam). We love that we have found a practical use for recycled plastic (50% post consumer PET). But we also found that around the office people were using it for more than just sound dampening, they were using it to create their own pinboards, decorating their office and workspaces. More and more people were asking if they could take some home. So we tried something new and are now offering it directly to the public.

We’re a group of thinkers, designers, experimenters, surfers, skiers, engineers, makers, and marketers brought together by the passion of possibilities. We travel around the world looking for inspiration to make spaces more beautiful in the most responsible way possible. We have been making innovative material for architects and designers, and now we want to bring them to you.

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